5 Years Later - MORE Dark, Deadly-Effective Tantric Secrets Revealed!

From the desk of Jack Ellis

Dear Fellow Lover of Women:

First, let's understand the difference between traditional tantra and dark tantra or "black magic tantra."

Tantra is the name given by recent scholars to a style of meditation and ritual which arose in India no later than the 5th century AD.   Tantra as it is commonly interpreted has an emphasis on the feminine.   The Tantric practitioner seeks to use prana (energy flowing through the universe, including one's body) to attain goals which may be spiritual, material or both.

Black Magic Tantra in many ways is an inversion of the original - it is not concerned at all with worshiping the feminine, but rather controlling your partner with incredible orgasms and binding them to you in a dark, spiritual manner.

In the first Black Magic Tantra we examined many of the spiritual aspects of dark tantra - this time, we'll cover a lot more practical techniques - techniques that are easy to understand... techniques you may use immediately to amaze your partner(s) and be viewed as a sex god!

ANYONE Can Learn These Methods And Transform Their Sex Lives From Mundane To Miraculous... Overnight!

Here are just a few of the benefits from "regular" tantra that you'll read about in Black Magic Tantra 2:

For men and women:

Orgasm control, as long or brief as you wish

Orgasms of intensity, duration, frequency and variety that defy belief

Orgasm - full body and otherwise - without ejaculation. Guess what? These aren't bound by the physical limitations of ejaculatory orgasms!

An unimaginable sensitivity / appreciation of light, scent, sound and touch

The ability to conduct your partners body and emotions like a symphony orchestra

Constant emotional and physical feedback from your partner, you receive your touch to her as if it touched you

To be able to dance a tango (or dance of your - or both - choice) of sexual intimacy and orgasmic bliss

Never again feel frustration for not orgasming or finishing too soon.   You'll learn to enjoy it all and radiate with bliss

And the best part is you don't have to change who you are.

The more "average" or "normal" you are, the better these new methods will suit you - anyone can learn them and use them to attract partners and drive them wild.

In Other Chapters We'll Look At More Sinister Tantric Ways...

Anyone who has read about tantra has probably noticed that there is desire for "purity" - as if the "rules" were handed down from on high.

This is an incorrect view... here's why:

If you read the definition of tantra above, you'll see that it is a collection of meditations and rituals recently named "tantra" by modern scholars.

The rituals and methods themselves were created to reach altered states of consciousness while involving sex and were never designed to be written in stone.

Tantra evolved as a practice precisely because people would examine the practices, reinterpret them, change them, add to them, etc.

There is no such thing as "pure" Tantra.

Some have taken Tantric methods and turned them inside out, allowing them to obtain command of their partner's souls - that's what you will learn here.

Please be aware that I will not be held responsible for how you use this material.

If your partner becomes addicted to you, and / or they become very "clingy," that is a risk you will have to take.

Break All The Rules And Discover:
Harness orgasmic energy to put your life over the top

The sexual secret most people will never understand - and why it's so important!

Evil mantras that, if repeated often enough, open the gates to otherwordly sex power

The different colors of tantra explained: White, Pink, Red, Black

Sexual secrets of the Chakras explained - clear out negative energy and re-charge your body

Become a "Lord of Yoga" with this simple ritual

The Yoni Tantra - infamous Black Magician Aleister Crowley referred to this as "the one supreme secret!"

Svayambhu, Kunda, Gola, Svapushpa - perform achemical operations from women's bodily fluids

Sex secrets of the Buddha revealed!

Gain wealth, wisdom, and confidence with the secrets of the Four-Faced Brahma

Let's Face The Facts - Most Men Have NO Idea How To Please A Woman...

Recently a study was released that outlined the most common complaints women have about men in the bedroom:

- Moving too fast

- Not paying attention to her body language

- Not setting the scene

- Wanting to try too many things at once

- Assuming she's satisfied

- Ignoring her erogenous zones

Black Magic Tantra 2 doesn't merely address and fix these issues, but will take you to new heights of sexual satisfaction.

Develop A Reputation As The Best Lover In Town By Finding Out:

The Black Tantra "Ash Ritual" - revealed for the first time, it concentrates the sexual power of the spirit world inside you

The "4-pointed star" ritual that bonds your lover to you for eternity

Tantric deity creation - create your own "Tantric spirit guide" who will help you with anything, any time

Put a permanent end to premature ejaculation

Combine elements of domination/submission to create your own unique, unstoppable tantric force

LADIES!   You can adapt the methods and use them on men, too

Cosmic Breath - this "spiritual" breathing technique will re-energize you in mere moments

The most important principle of Sex Magic

My personal Tantric supplement formula for sexual strength - these inexpensive, all-natural ingredients will have you feeling like you're 20 again

"The Devil's Wind" - this aphrodisiac is easily made from natural ingredients, and attracts women like moths to a flame

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"Sex Cults"

In this special report, Sex Cults, we'll examine sex-based cults of all sorts, like:

  • The New OTO in England, where celebrities are members

  • Rael and his UFO cult filled with Playboy models
  • The Profumo Affair - and how the women involved were likely brainwashed by a cult
  • How famous Yogis turn their yoga classes into sex cults - and how the mainstream media never mention that yoga started out as a sex cult!
  • The story of Victor Barnard, leader of the "River Road Fellowship" and current fugitive
Now you can see where these cults go wrong - and where they go right.   With the secrets in Black Magic Tantra 2 and this report you could start your own sex group!

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Jack Ellis

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